Introduction to SCA Period Archery

DISCLAIMER: This is a rough outline for a work-in-progress class. It’s not done, it’s going to change, etc. and so forth. No warranties, no guarantees, use at own risk, et cetera and so forth. I’ll re-publish when it’s actually done.

Introduction to SCA Period Archery

  1. What is it?
    • SCA Target Archery Marshal’s Handbook
  2. Why do it?
    • Why WOULDN’T you want to do medieval archery at medieval events?
    • You ARE at a disadvantage against Open shooters
  3. Where to do it?
    • Anytime there is archery, you can shoot Period equipment
    • Various Period Shoots
  4. Bows
    • Self-bows, bow made of one piece of wood or laminated woods
    • Horsebows / static eared recurves
    • Recurve bows – Korean bows
    • Fiberglass is always okay
    • Cut-out shelves are never okay
    • Sources
      ++ Horsebows: AliBow –
      ++ Horsebows & Longbows: Flagella Dei –
      ++ English Longbows: Ebay – ArcheyBowman
  5. Crossbows
    • Most handmade crossbows are already period bows
    • Rising block, thumb lever, roller nut, claplock/latch
    • Sources
      ++ (kit bow)
  6. Arrows
    • Self nocks
    • Glue on/in nocks made of natural materials
      ++ Wood
      ++ Horn
      ++ Bone
      ++ Brass
      ++ Stone
    • Sources
  7. Garb
    • Period Shoots typically require a higher standard of garb: “Anachronism free”
    • Garb must match your tackle
      ++ No Vikings with yumis, no Samurai with English longbows, etc.
  8. Targets
    • LOTS of period targets
      ++ Universal
      +++ Flight
      +++ Clout
      +++ Piles of dirt
      ++ Eastern
      +++ Mongolian tunken
      +++ Turkish putta
      +++ Tibetan triangle
      +++ Turkish quabak (Turkish cymbal popinjay)
      ++ Western
      +++ Luttrell Psalter
      +++ Wands
      +++ Wreaths/rings
      +++ Popinjay (English bird quabak)

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