Voice Heralding Class Outline

This post is a work in progress – when I finalize the class material I’ll remove this disclaimer. If you read this post and the disclaimer’s still up, that means I’m not happy yet, and I’d welcome any suggestions anyone has.

-Snorri, Jewel Herald of Æthelmearc for the reign of Timothy & Gabrielle IV

Voice Heralding 101

From SCA.org:“Voice heralds” are used for “crying out announcements, announcing the fighters entering the list field, and acting as the voice of the nobility in court, reading the scrolls that accompany the awards being given out.”

“Book heralds” – helping members of the SCA to research period names and design devices (armory), and registering them with the SCA College of Heralds.

“Protocol heralds” – recording the awards and honors that are given in court, drafting period-style ceremonies for use in court, and determining the precedence of award holders and other legal niceties in all sorts of situations.

In Æthelmearc, a billeted Voice Herald (Baronial Heralds, Jewel Herald) usually acts as the Protocol Herald as well.

This class deals with Voice Heralds.

In two primary places:

  1. At tournaments
  2. In court
    but also:
    ++ at events, making announcements
    ++ on the list field, announcing competitors and results and calling fighters to the lists
    ++ at feasts, announcing courses, introducing entertainment, even making toasts

Be these things:

  1. Loud
  2. Articulate, clear, and easily understood
  3. Correct

In Court:

The Court Herald is the Voice of the Crown, and also the Master of Ceremonies

  1. Pronounce all the names correctly
  2. Read the scroll correctly
  3. Acknowledge scribes
  4. Vivats

At Tournaments:

  1. Be complimentary
  2. Be cleverly or personally complimentary
  3. Be cleverly/personally complimentary and funny
  4. Be artistically or historically complimentary

Speaking “Forsoothly”

  1. Avoid contractions – say “Do not”, rather than “Don’t”
  2. Avoid modern slang. Speak “properly”.

++ Breathing
++ Posture, projection
++ Timbre/pitch – lower will carry better, but do not strain
++ Non-restrictive clothing

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