Æthelmearc Thrown Weapons Champion!

I promised myself that once I achieved Master Bowman, I’d allow myself to relax my focus there and enjoy some other things the Society has to offer. I decided to give thrown weapons a try. I like darts, and this is like darts, just… more dangerous.

That was appealing!

I attended one practice at Delftwood before Pennsic, and threw my War Points at Pennsic. I set up a couple target butts in my backyard, too:


I spent a good bit of time practicing. Axes seemed to come easily, but knives were a lot harder, so I spent a LOT of time on them. I also really like spears, and made myself some (which I’ll talk about in another post) and practiced with those too. Even so, I’d never thrown in a tournament before Harvest Raid.

Once again, I am shocked by how lucky I get when I practice a lot. My favorite part was slaying the dangling unicorn not once, but twice:


I did well enough that TRM Gareth and Juliana decided to make me their thrown weapons champion. The job came with a lovely scroll, done by Maria Christina de Cordoba (Donna Parsons) and Graidhne Ni Ruaidh:


and an enormous axe:

IMG_20171001_125350 (1)

I’ll try to be worthy of this honor.

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