Thrown Weapons Champion Regalia

I was asked by Lady Amalie Reinhardt of Delftwood if I’d help her out by making an axe mask. She is the outgoing TW champion of the Barony of Delftwood, and saw a need for some official regalia for the baronial champion, and so acquired an axe. An axe alone, however, isn’t really all that regalia-ish, so she asked me for help.


I made a simple welted mask for the axe, tooled the Delftwood windmill onto it, dyed it all blue, and used white oil-based paints to detail the windmill. I glued it together, and sewed it on my Tippmann Boss machine. I used a belt sander to make the sewn edges uniform, melted beeswax into them, and burnished them smooth and hard.

It still didn’t feel “regalia-ish” enough to me, so I added a simple baldric and frog:


I stamped DELFTWOOD into the strap with some new letter stamps Tandy had on sale a couple months ago, using my 1/2 ton arbor press to get deep, clean impressions. I then filled them in with gold oil-based paint, and also filled in the grooves I put on the strap.

I added a simple frog to the strap, and painted some of it white.


Voilà! Regalia.

No documentation, this is fantasy fabulous.

EDIT: To be clear, I am not Delftwood’s TW champion. I’m just modeling the regalia. 😀

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