Bones’ Knight’s Belt

My Dagorhir unit co-leader, Bones, needed a nice belt when he was knighted.

(Aside: in Dagorhir, peerages as we know them in the SCA don’t exist. Things like titles and rank are left entirely up to individual chapters or units. In our case, the Cairnhold Legion has a knighthood that’s earned by doing service to the game community as a whole, whereas our ranks are earned for service to the unit itself. More information here:

I made him this. Red-dyed leather, pewter Maltese cross mounts from Billy & Charlie, and moonstone cabochons set in silver, with silver-plated hardware from Raymond’s Quiet Press. The buckle and tip have some sentimental value to me, as they were originally gifts to me from my wife for my first knight’s belt some years ago. I made a buckle plate from sterling silver and mounted an amber cabochon on it too. Small bits of decorative stamping were done with stamps of my own make.

Please note that these pics were taken after the belt had been worn for a year or so – I neglected to take pics prior to giving it to him.




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